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Here are some of the different types of projects I've worked on. Click on photos to go to the story.

Audio Slideshow: Hy-Vee Decorators Take the Cake

I did reporting, writing, voiceover and production (in Audacity and iMovie) for this audio slideshow.

Timeline: Tesco Tanks in U.S.

I used Timeline JS software and Google Drive to process the timeline. Reporting done by another reporter.

Map: Historic Sites in Wegmans' History

I made this map using the Google Maps JavaScript API. The art department designed the icons.

Photo Gallery: 99 Ranch Market Store Tour

I shot these photos and did the on-site reporting for this photo gallery.

Feature: Post Pink

This story follows up on the effects of the "pink slime" controversy on ground beef sales. (Free access by creating a log-in.)

Power Play: SN Talks Trending 10 [Audio]

Here I interviewed SN editors about SN's Power 50 list of the most influential people in the food industry.

Op-Ed: FDA Needs to Bring Data to the People

This opinion piece calls for the USDA to share data and reports in a way that is more transparent and accessible to the public.

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